About WRF scheme modeling for the period 2012 Mar 17-19

One ABL scheme has been tested: the local ABL schemes (with TKE closure) Mellor-Yamada-Janjic (MYJ) based on our previous experience in simulating closed sea breeze cells. MYJ ABL scheme can be coupled with the Eta-similarity surface layer scheme.

Synoptic overview

The synoptic situation for 17-19 March 2012 starts with moving from west to east of zone with high pressure and trans-passing of an end of a warm front over Ahtopol. For a while, there is small zone of low pressure on 18th Mars and in the end of the period, the area is in zone between low and high pressure. It it almost cloudless all the period with wind around 3-4 m/s from south and south-west.

Synoptic situation over Europe,
17 March 2012, 00UTC

Synoptic situation over Europe,
18 March 2012, 00UTC

Synoptic situation over Europe,
19 March 2012, 00UTC

Sodar measurements

WRF output

MYJ scheme results

Differences (Sodar data – WRF data)

MYJ scheme


MYJ scheme