New knowledge

The scientific results of this project are related…, on one hand, to acquiring new detailed knowledge for distribution of wind speed in height and, on the other hand, to acquiring such knowledge about the vertical structure of the coastal ABL of the Bulgarian Black sea in extreme strong wind conditions. The widely used mesometeorological model for numerical weather prediction has been evaluated against observations in extreme wind conditions in a coastal area.

The proposed project methods and approaches… to acquire new more detailed knowledge enhance the experience of the scientific team. In addition, the scientific work of the participants in the project contributes to filling the gaps of research in Bulgaria on the vertical structure of the ABL in a coastal area, in particular, in extremely strong winds.

The obtained results could be used as a basis… for further research or for applying similar approaches to different data sets. The sodar data could be used for validation of other numerical models and ABL parameterizations. The results could be applied in a more detailed survey of regional climate, in studies associated with marine meteorology, in surveys in the field of renewable energy from wind turbines, for planning and building technological installations in the region, in ecological assessments and environmental impact assessments, in development of early warning systems for hazardous meteorological phenomena, flight and navigation safety and other economical and social activities, depending on wind field and its forecast in particular extreme winds.