REPLICA – “еxtReme Events and wind ProfiLe In a Coastal Area” is an interdisciplinary scientific research project supported by the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) of Bulgaria through the invitation of the Bulgaria National Science Fund (BNSF) within the framework of the “Competition for financial support for projects of junior researchers and postdocs –2017”. Funding under this project is only to support non-profit scientific research activities, to acquire new knowledge, and to encourage the participation of young scientists and postdoctoral researchers in scientific research activities.

The main goal of the project is to use this modern remote sensing technology to study and characterize the extreme meteorological phenomena at Ahtopol and to evaluate the performance of WRF (Weather Research and Forecasting) during extreme wind conditions.

In essence, this research, based on ground-base remote sensing data is the first in the country of this type and will fill a substantial gap of such studies in Bulgaria, comparing to other countries in Europe. The obtained results could be used as the basis for further research or for applying similar approaches to different data sets. The sodar data could be used for validation of other numerical models and ABL parameterizations. The results could be applied in a more detailed survey of regional climate, in studies associated with marine meteorology, in surveys in the field of renewable energy from wind turbines, for planning and building technological installations in the region, in ecological assessments and environmental impact assessments, in development of early warning systems for hazardous meteorological phenomena, flight and navigation safety and other economical and social activities, depending on wind field and its forecast in particular extreme winds.